Where to Stay in Costa Rica

If you’re an adventure junky, beach bum, nature enthusiast, or the backpacker wanting to experience new countries, look no further than Costa Rica. This country located between Nicaragua and Panama within Central America is the perfect destination for all sorts of travels. Gorgeous coastline to breathtaking mountain views, Costa Rica provides landscapes for everyone and has accommodations to suit all sorts of travellers from budget friendly to over the top Kardashian level. The choice is yours, so here are a few options to help narrow down the choices. The first decision is based on what you want your time in Costa Rica to be spent on. If you’re looking for amazing beaches and gorgeous surf, then look no further than Tamarindo. Tamarindo is an iconic beach town located within the Guanacaste region. Since Costa Rica is on the start of the backpacking trail through Central and South America, a hostel is where you’ll find a ton of fun loving, outgoing travels. All looking to spend a few months on the road and since that is the case also looking to save money.

San Jose

Hostels around Tamarindo will roughly cost you anywhere from $15 and up. Not so bad considering you’ll be right in the mix of everything, but if a hostel isn’t your pace of travelling do not be concerned. Within Tamarindo you’ll find plenty of budget friendly to high end resorts to stay in. Stay on one of the many beach front resorts that’ll offer you tranquil vibes with amazing service. These places will run you anywhere from $150 and up, but if the point of your trip is to return home relaxed and tan, these will be your top choices. The beach is always enjoyable, but what about those who like a little more jungle vibes. What about those volcanoes you keep hearing about. Lucky for you, Costa Rica loves to show off its beauty and there are plenty of places to stay. Some amazing places to stay are around the Arenal Volcano.

Arenal Volcano is quite the sight to see and it is located in the province of Alajuela, Canton of San Carlos. Although the last eruption was 2010, it’s completely safe to visit and even stay close to the base of the volcano. There is the Hotel Arenal Springs hotel or the Springs Resort & Spa at Arenal, both offering majestic views of the Arenal Mountain. The beaches are gorgeous and the volcano is inspiring, but next up is a little urban adventure. For those who enjoy the city life, head south to the Capital of Costa Rica, and visit San Jose. San Jose offers quaint little bed and breakfasts along with gorgeous 5 star hotels. The Hotel Grano de Oro San Jose has been truly enjoyed by thousands of happy travels and continues to be a staple of wonderful places to stay while on vacation in Costa Rica. An alternative to a pricey hotel could be staying at the Tryp by Wyndham, still a gorgeous hotel but at a more affordable price. The options seem to be limitless with places to stay while travelling around Costa Rica. The only real issue is figuring out what you want to spend your days doing while visiting Costa Rica because there is obviously a lot to see and do here. Sometimes it’s better to fly by the seat of your pants, so book a flight, book a hotel, and come enjoy the real meaning of Pura Vida.