Top Activities in Costa Rica for Tourists

Costa Rica is a great country with a lot of tourist attractions and lots of activities to engage in as a visitor. As a tourist planning a trip to Costa Rica, it is quite hard to pick just a few events to be part us when there are many things to do. You can get a mix of cultural, touristic, local activities and adventure in Costa Rica. With the impressive volcanoes, hidden beaches and lush jungles, Costa Rica is the best place to enjoy vacation enjoying nature at its peak. Here are some of the top activities in Costa Rica for tourist.


Riding on horseback is a favorite activity in Costa Rica, and you can enjoy it in the mountains or the beach. It’s quite fun to see the Costa Rica scenery and landscapes, and it is also a significant activity to do with family or a group. Horseback activity is an activity you can take part in almost every tourist destination in the country and its one of the things most tourist like to do in Guanacaste where there is a lot of farms. A lot of local farmers will be willing to rent out their horse to you for tours for around $35-55 depending on the time of your trip and where you go. In Playa Samar, you can enjoy a fantastic horse ride gallop along the beach during sunset.


The Costa Rica coast is just too full of a tons of beautiful beaches, and you can discover all different types of beaches with a variety of characteristics such as dark or white sand, clear waters or turquoise waters, etc. When you are on the coast, you should beach hopping either by foot or boat, and it is one of the least expensive things to do in Costa Rica. The greatest thing is that you can always find a place to lay or explore on all the beach and sometimes you can have the beach to yourself because all the beaches in Costa Rica are public.


There are about nine national holidays in Costa Rica with a handful or more celebrations, anniversaries and observances. Costa Ricans enjoy a fun time, and sure know the right way to party good. They always make the holiday weekend worth the while, so make your visit count too. Some of the well know events are the Zapote Fiestas, Palmares Fiestas, and the Puntarenas Carnaval. There are millions of people who come to this celebration from all over Central America to witness this event yearly. Some of the festivals are an important religious holiday, and some are just to have a good time. Bull riding is very famous in Costa Rica, and it goes all year long with special events holding during Christmas. For just $10-$15, you can enter the stadium with other locals and get chased all around by a bull. If you are looking to experience rich Costa Rican culture, it is one of the best fun things you can enjoy in Costa Rica.