The wildlife of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its neotropical climate, beautiful scenery, exotic plants as well as various amazing air, land and sea creatures. Because of the country’s geographic location, several species from the South and North American continents migrated and mixed some millions of years ago. Endowed with diverse forest types, Atlantic and Pacific coastlines, and twelve climate zones, the wildlife of Costa Rica comprises an enormous variety of ecosystems. Home to about 4% of the entire estimated species found on the planet, Costa Rica is the leading biodiversity hotspot in the world. Hundreds of species found in the country are said to not exist elsewhere. Some frogs, finches, lizards, snakes, gobies, hummingbirds are only found here.

Insects and Other Invertebrates in Costa Rica

Costa Rica wildlife is swarming with various wonderful insects, spiders, crabs, and other invertebrates. They constitute over 98% of the 500,000 species in the country. Beautiful bright-colored butterflies and moths are sighted all year round, more during the rainy season. Capture exciting moments of the zebra long-wing, banded peacock, and glass-wing butterflies, and the green page moth. You can also find leaf-cutter ants, army ants, Hercules beetle, and various species of stingless bees, sweat bees, katydids, spiders, and crabs.

Amphibians in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to several species of frogs, toads, salamanders, and caecilians. Visitors can hope to find jumping semitransparent glass frog, red-eyed tree frogs, smoky jungle frogs, and even some species of the dangerous poison dart frogs. Be sure to find some Bufo toads and the wide appetite Giant toads too. You might also be fortunate to sight some rare lungless salamanders and caecilian.

Reptiles in Costa Rica

The wildlife of Costa Rica is crawling with various species of lizards, snakes, turtles, and crocodiles. During an adventure in the jungles, you can come across the very large striped basilisks, black or green iguanas, and some harmless snakes. Beware of the several dangerous venomous snakes found in Costa Rican Wild. When it is considered safe, you can observe various coral snakes and vipers from a distance. During a beach stroll along the coastlines, you may see 5 of the 7 species of sea turtles in the world, including the leatherback turtle. Be careful around the crocodiles though, particularly the large and dangerous American crocodile.

Reptiles in Costa Rica

Mammals in Costa Rica

The wildlife of Costa Rica is considered a paradise. It is common to sight sloths lounging in the crooks of trees, white-headed capuchin or mantled howler monkeys swinging from tree branches, and a white-nosed coati foraging on the ground. Several species of rodents, bats, anteaters. You might be fortunate to sight some wild cats including the elusive tapirs, deer, pumas, ocelots, and jaguars, or the endangered giant anteater. Beware of vampire bats, and the fierce predator, the tayra.

Birds in Costa Rica

The clouds of Costa Rica jungles are graced by over 800 species of birds, seven of which are endemic. Singing hummingbirds, macaws, physically stunning resplendent quetzal, and the huge jabiru all contribute to an exciting Costa Rica wildlife adventure.

Unfortunately, several species of Costa Rica’s wildlife are threatened or endangered. As a result, the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) protects over 25% of its national territory. Other efforts are also in place to protect the Wildlife of Costa Rica. It is not uncommon to encounter potentially deadly species. To be safe, endeavor to be familiar with the guild of Costa Rica Wildlife before you begin an adventure. However, it is advisable to avoid any animal or plant you come across when unsure if it is dangerous.