Saving the Butterflies of Costa Rica – Visit The Butterfly Conservatory

If you love butterflies or care about the preservation of nature, then you should visit the Costa Rican butterfly conservatory at least once in your life. It is a project focused on nature’s regeneration, and you’ll find it in Costa Rica. More specifically, you’ll be able to get to the place by heading to Lake Arenal’s east side and find the quaint town named El Castillo. Their goals are to grow, study, and preserve the tropical jungles and the creatures that live in it in Arenal, but they’re more focused on butterflies. If you want to learn about the Butterfly Conservatory, keep reading.

The most extensive exhibition of butterflies in Costa Rica can be found in the conservatory. There are natural habitats placed in the six expansive atriums that are home for the butterflies of the conservatory. In the conservatory, you can also find many trails, an herb garden, a nursery for plant regeneration, a ranarium, and an insect museum. The botanical garden’s river is where you can find the trails mentioned earlier. The conservatory has tours that will bring you an adventure where you’ll see nature, plants, frogs, and butterflies. The University of Costa Rica’s biologists supervise students as well as volunteers as they use the conservatory as an educational and scientific platform.

How Did the Butterfly Conservatory Start?

The Butterfly Conservatory was founded by Glenn Baines, who was a retired engineer at the time. He was from the United States, and he founded it in 2003 as part of his project focused on regenerating rainforests. When Glenn was in Costa Rica for a trip, he was amazed at the Arenal’s tranquillity and beauty. The Arenal Volcano erupted with lava a few times and Glenn was there to witness it. He was inspired to stay there and create a safe-haven for butterflies. Soon enough, he got to bring his dream to life. The Butterfly Conservatory was started, and it became one of if not the best programs for the regeneration of nature in Costa Rica. The conservatory is now one of the most fabulous butterfly exhibitions that lovers of nature and tourists will enjoy.

The Educational Tours of The Butterfly Conservatory

You will get the chance to have a closer look at nature in the Butterfly Conservatory. You’ll get to learn what makes life work in the educational tour that is unique and full of fun. In the conservatory, there are more than thirty types of butterflies as well as frogs. They are all found in the four various microclimates in the proximity of Lake Arenal and many kinds of tropical plants, and varieties of insects. You’ll be able to learn about all of their life cycles, their existences, and the way they work in nature. The tours will lead you into reproduction greenhouses, frog habitats, orchid exhibitions, host plant gardens, and laboratories. If you go to the Quebrada Miropasa, you’ll be able to explore the Rainforest River Walk. You’ll be able to spot different birds and animals such as parrots and toucans, or monkeys, tayra, and sloths.