Local Foods to Try in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as one of the ultimate perfect summer trip destination. The place is perfect for relaxed beach vacations. The country had amazing culture and traditions that can be observed at every corner. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local tradition in to try the local dishes. And Costa Rica definitely has a tradition in leaving a good impression in this filed. The mixture of cultures can be felt and tasted in the same time. But choosing the perfect local food can be quite challenging. We have selected some of the best local food from Costa Rica in order to make your experience even more tasty.

Delicious and Healthy

Casado is one of the most representative local foods. In translation, it means “married man”. This dish represents the prefect nutrient balance. It usually consists of rice, beans, fried plantain, fish and sometimes cheese. This dish is very tasty, and it combines all the culinary influences in Costa Rica. It is full of nutrients and you will definitely feel full after one plate of Casado.

Gallo Pinto is one of the most popular dishes here. It is usually served for breakfast, but you will find it in many restaurants no matter the time of the day. It is a perfectly balanced mixture between rice, beans, onion and spice. It can be served with fish, cheese and many more. The dish itself is very tasty and it can be eaten alone without any meat. It will definitely satisfy any taste.

Typical Restaurant Food


Chifrijo is a dish that is traditionally served in bars. It is a rather small dish and it consists of a mixture of rice and beans topped with meat, which is usually pork. It is then seasoned with lime and many times avocado is added on top. It is served with small homemade tortilla and it goes perfectly with a cold beer.

Chicharrones is a traditional dish that is widely served in Costa Rica. It is basically fried pork rinds. The dish is so popular that there is even a dedicated festival to this dish. It is usually served as a snack on many occasions and you will find it in most restaurants. It is one of the dishes that you have to try while being in Costa Rica.

Patacones are made from green plantain. The plantain is sliced and boiled. After this, the pieces are taken and fried on both sides. The dish is usually served with lime and salt. In some places you will find this as a side dish. But one thing is for sure. You will definitely eat more than one.

Sopa Negra is traditionally served in chilly mountain areas of Costa Rica. This dish is a basic black bean soup seasoned with local spices. The taste is simply amazing, and it is widely considered a comfort dish. It is traditionally served with two hard boiled eggs, a cup of rice and some home-made tortillas. It is definitely a very unique and different dish.