Live One with Nature in The Treehouses of Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers vacationers and honeymooners with a unique accommodation offering – being closer to nature, literally, by staying in treehouses. There are various places in Costa Rica that offer these experiences to their guests and tourists. Some treehouses are plain and made from environmentally-friendly materials which are perfect for people who want to immerse in nature and experience a simpler life during their vacation. On the other hand, some treehouses are built for individuals after a luxurious vacation surrounded by a natural and tropical atmosphere. Nature lovers looking for a modern and well-made accommodation need not look any further with the Jungla Vista. This treehouse is located within a private forest reserve and is quite roomy with a floor space of 2,500 square foot. The Jungla Vista is built with glass, teak, and steel and comes with bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms with hot showers. A gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding jungle could be seen on the top deck. Other places that you can experience the beauty of the treehouses are as follows:

Lapa’s Nest Tree House

Lapa’s Nest Tree House is a unique treehouse resort located in Osa Peninsula of Cosa Rica. It is the ideal spot for a couple’s on a honeymoon or any individual looking to escape into nature. The site is in the middles of a rainforest where the beauty of plants and animals could be really experienced firsthand. The treehouses are made with the environment in mind and can fit a group of 8 people in each one. The venue also offers outdoor activities like kayaking, boat tours, waterfall rappelling, and horseback riding.

Finca Bellavista

Individuals who want to escape from the stress and bustle of the city life are welcome to escape in Finca Bellavista. This treehouse community is composed of 8 treehouses and is located along the mountainous area of a coastal region very near the Pacific Ocean. This is great for people who can’t choose between the mountains and the sea. They offer a very rustic experience, and the principle is to rely on natural resources readily available there. Each treehouse is unique with its own decorations, skylights, and a panoramic view of the jungle.

Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean

Playa Selva Tree House

The Playa Selva Tree House is the perfect spot for a romantic stay as it is located near the beach. The treehouse is built on top of a Banyan Tree and can freely enjoy the view and sounds of tropical birds, Capuchin and Howler monkeys, and other wildlife. The treehouse is equipped with a comfortable bedroom, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a viewing deck. Other activities in the resort are just a short walk away like surfing and kiteboarding, horseback riding, or relaxing in the resort’s spa.

Anamaya Resort – Garuda’s Nest Sky Cabin

The Garuda’s Nest Sky Cabin is not for people with a fear of heights. This treehouse, located within the Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica, is built on a high tower overlooking the ocean and the jungle. It is built with modern amenities like air conditioners, ceiling fans, and several beds. There is also a viewing deck below the cabin where guests can relax in a hammock while being immersed in nature.