Famous Surf Spots in Costa Rica

Top Summer Destination

Costa Rica is renowned as one of the most beautiful summer destinations in the world. The culture and traditions of this place make it perfect for a relaxed vacation. The cuisine is simply amazing and will definitely satisfy any taste. You can choose from a multitude of activities specific for a beach destination. You can choose to sunbathe all day long or to try one of the water activities.

One of the most popular things to in Costa Rica is surfing. This place is on the world surfing map thanks to the amazing beaches and crystal-clear water. But choosing the perfect surf spot can be quite challenging. We have selected some of the best surf spots in Costa Rica in order to make your experience even better.

Year-Round Surfing

Playa Guiones

Playa Guiones can be found in Nosara. This beach is one of the most consistent in the whole area. It provides more than 300 days of surfing a year. The sea bed is sandy, so this place can be suitable for beginners too. But this thing depends very much on the time of the year. During some periods there are very strong waves in the area, so the place is suitable only for professional surfers. The surfing spot is renowned for the cleanest water in Costa Rica, perfect if you want to observe the fish through the water.

Playa Tamarindo

Playa Tamarindo is one of the best places to surf in Costa Rica. It can be found in the city of Tamarindo. The place offers endless sandy beaches and amazing waves. The surfing spot is right near the restaurants and the city center. After a long day of surfing you can enjoy a cocktail and tapas on one of the local terraces. The place is gets very crowded during the summer thanks to the warm water and strong waves.

For the Professionals

Witch’s Rock can be found in Santa Rosa National Park. The place is definitely not for beginners. The place is only accessible by boat and the drive is quite difficult. The rock here is in terrible shape in order to prevent poachers from escaping. The waves get very strong in some periods of the year and many surfers had accidents in this area. You should also pay attention to crocodiles. They like to spend their time at the river mouth right near this surfing spot. If you like adrenaline and have good surfing skills, this is the perfect spot for you.

Playa Santa Teresa is the perfect spot for beginner surfers. There are many surfing schools and summer camps. This surfing spot is found in one of the most peaceful villages in Costa Rica. There are many good restaurants in the area that will help you immerse in the local culture.

Pavones is another great surfing spot in Costa Rica. It provides some of the best waves in the whole region. It is not recommended for beginners because the waves can get quite strong. With patience, you will learn how to tackle these powerful waves.