Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Ecotourism in Costa Rica

If you value nature, you just should visit Costa Rica. This country is like a business card of ecotourism. Each of us needs to change, and Costa Rica is a great example of how to do that in the best way. Many tourists after visiting this country, start to think what they could change in this world, what they could give back to this planet. A trip to Costa Rica is like a kind of pilgrimage travel during which a person grows spiritually and morally.

Every Life Matters

Costa Rica was one of the first countries in the world to turn to ecotourism more than a few decades ago. Realizing that the natural wildlife and its diversity are exactly what attract tourists to Costa Rica, every effort has been made to preserve it. Visitors to Costa Rica primarily want to see wild whales, dolphins, turtles, parrots, snakes, and many other animals. This is a serious economic incentive for the country to create new eco-concept hotels, restaurants, organize various sightseeing tours, entertainment, and at the same time create new jobs and improve the economy.

Ecotourism is one of the ways to remind people that everything in nature is connected in one chain, because any of our actions against nature, disrupting its natural cycle, always returns in a boomerang. And after all, there is no planet B to which we could move and live again. So, if at least some countries in the world were to try to achieve what already exists in Costa Rica today, it would be a great achievement for all of humanity.

No Place for Garbage

Do you know that in Costa Rica, almost all questions can be answered in two words? In Spanish it sounds like ‘pura vida’. Do not be surprised if a local respond like this when asked how they are doing, and even after saying “thank you”. For them, it means that a person is happy, grateful to someone for something, and living a clean life from the outside and inside.

The people here are just amazing! You will never see shrunken faces, they smile, spread love, and have a lot of positivity. People here value nature. They always emphasize the importance of talking about preserving wildlife, educating the public, and placing a great deal of hope in the education of the younger generation. In Costa Rica, people everywhere are acting like at home, as a result, there is no such problem with garbage as in Asian countries. Sure, you will not avoid it in big cities, but in smaller cities, especially those focused on ecotourism, you will not see any garbage on a street or beach.

Nature Full of Surprises

One of the most impressive and ecological parks in the world is Corcovado National Park. It is difficult to describe in words how many there is to see and to do. Here you can go hiking at the waterfalls, kayaking on various canals, rivers, diving, bird watching, fishing, horseback riding and try other unique natural attractions. In Costa Rica, you can also travel with children, so that they understand how beautiful and important wildlife is. When you touch nature, you just start thinking differently, forming a different perception of why you are on this earth, especially if it has been done since childhood.