Costa Rica Party Vibes – Party Festival Guide

Costa Rica is a famous destination among those who thrive on their love for beaches and touristy surprises. The location has the added benefit of extreme popularity for their adventure activities and wild-side. This destination located in the rainforested Central America and is surrounded by beaches the crystal-clear beaches of both the Caribbean and the Pacific. Known for its biodiversity, Costa Rica is a party capital. The rainforests around this area make this capital overrun by exotic birds and other species of creatures like spider monkeys, occasional snakes, and spiders. This location attracts tourists and travelers like a bee to honey; this is due to the vast range of plants and the numerous celebrations that take place in one year. Many of the parties that take place in Costa Rica are known for their vibrancy and their flair for mesmerizing art and fireworks. Included in this list is a compilation of celebrations and parties that are exclusive and take place in Costa Rica.

Envision Festival

This festival is considered to be a haven for those who find acrobatic acts to be entertaining and fun. Imagine a country that thrives on the Cirque du Soliel, because that’s what the events are like. Taking place in February of every year, this festival compiles of making new friends at the beach and lots of yoga and trapeze artists. The music and dance that takes place at this festival. Not only is this festival known to be vibrant, but many bands are also known to perform live music at this festival every year.

Fiestas de Los Diablitos

This festival is not only famous for its location, but it’s also renowned for its name, meaning ‘The Festival of The Little Devils.’ The celebration takes place in December and the second half of February every year. The locations in which the festival is conducted is always in sacred areas where there is a large population of indigenous individuals. Accompanied by music and dance, there are drinks made out of fermented corn, which makes the scene more festive and livelier.

Fiestas Palmares

Want to attend a bigger celebration? Then you should choose the Fiestas Palmares. The event is considered to be the prime and most festive cowboy party in the city. Taking place in January, this festival lasts for two whole weeks where many activities and games take place. During this carnival, there is a mass amount of carnival rides and thrill-seeking opportunists. The most massive crowds that are to join every year during this festival is vast. Over a million people from every corner of the country, find themselves partying and having fun at this celebration.

Límon Carnival

Come October the Limon Carnival dazzles the city. It is considered to be a vibrant festival that draws audiences to the coasts of Costa Rica. To prepare for this festival, participants head towards the Puerto Límon where the celebration will take place. Not only does this party take place adjacent to the coast of the Caribbean, but it also has many fun activities that will help make the most your day. The queen election, parade, and dance are some of the most common and most loved events of the festival. Overall this festival is considered to be one of the most laid back and relaxed parties in Costa Rica.