Cool Bars to Check Out in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as one of the ultimate summer destinations. It provides amazing views and cobalt-blue water. The local culture and traditions make this place perfect for a relaxed trip. You can enjoy your time sunbathing on the beach or doing one of the water activities. The local cuisine is renowned as being one of the most loved in the whole world. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture is to visit one of the bars in Costa Rica. But choosing the right one can be quite challenging. We have selected some of the coolest bars in Costa Rica in order to make your experience even more interesting.

Beach Bars

El Vaquero

El Vaquero is the classical beach bar. It consists of a terrace with long picnic tables. The bar has an amazing view to one of the main surfing places in Costa Rica. You can enjoy a local beer while admiring the surfers. You are just steps away from the beach, so you can go to this bar during a surfing or sunbathing break. They also serve amazing home-made cocktails. If you are hungry, you can try one of their seafood dishes. They are simply amazing.

Lola’s Bar

Lola’s is a very famous beach front bar and restaurant in Playa Avellanas. The place was named after a pig called Lola. She passed away a long time ago, but Lolita is here to fill the gap. She can be seen sunbathing or swimming in the shallow water. She is the main attraction of the restaurant. She is very friendly and likes spending time with the guests. Besides the unique pet, the restaurant is also renowned for the amazing quality of the sea food dishes. The place also serves refreshing smoothies and cocktails perfect for hot summer days.

Fancy Bars

Coco Loco is one of the fanciest and most exquisite beach front bars in Playa Flamingo. It was opened in 2012 and it gained amazing popularity ever since. You can sip on a home-made cocktail white standing with your feet in white, smooth sand. The serving is very good, and the staff is very friendly. Besides the very good drinks they also have a very vast food menu that will satisfy any taste.

Banana Beach is one of the most popular bars in Santa Teresa. The place is opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have special prices during the happy hours and one of their signature drinks is the cocktail-for-two. The most beautiful time to visit this place is during the sunset when you will have amazing views. It is also one of the most romantic places to go in Santa Teresa.

Bar is a burger venue in the small town of Montezuma. The town is not one of the main attractions is Costa Rica but the hippie vibe of this place will definitely amaze you. The place offers a very vast menu and very good cocktails, perfect for lazy afternoons. All of these hip and cool bars bring such a fun and cool atmosphere to Costa Rica.