Coffee Plantations to Visit in Costa Rica

A wise unknown person once said, “Humanity runs on coffee.” If there is a truer statement about this liquid the world over loves, I’d love to hear it. Coffee is a staple in the world. When people wake up, take a break from work, after lunch, before a workout, even sometimes before bed, people turn to coffee. It’s loved by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. This is why it is no surprise that based on statistics, second only to crude oil, coffee is the most sought after commodity in the world. Roughly brings in an astronomical number of $100 Billion worldwide. The proof is in the pudding most of the time, but this time it’s in the coffee. With these facts, it’s no wonder why people travel far and wide to discover and try different coffees from all over the world. One country where it’s exciting to go try their beans is in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

Although Costa Rica is a smaller country and only produces less than one percent of the coffee produced worldwide, if you happen to be a coffee lover and find yourself in Costa Rica, there are still many plantations to visit to get your fix. Coffee is one of Costa Rica’s main sources of income so be prepared to enjoy a wide selection of plantations to visit. The ideal conditions in Costa Rica for growing coffee is within the Central Valley, where the soil is fertile, it is a higher altitude, and a cool climate which all helps to contribute to the successful growth of some of the world’s best coffee. The coffee produced within Costa Rica is 100 percent Arabica Beans. For the past few centuries coffee has truly become a staple for the Costa Ricans. It goes along with their hospitality and overall family traditions, so when visiting the plantations always remember to ask them what coffee means to them and their family. One of the first plantations worth a visit is the Hacienda Espiritu Santo plantation. These facilities are located in the town of Naranjo and is a 600 acre plantation.

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What is nice about this plantation is that it’s located right outside of San Jose so it makes for an easy destination after flying into the capital of Costa Rica. The next plantation worth a visit is the Finca Rosa Blanca plantation. An easy drive from San Jose as well, but located within the Central Valley area of Costa Rica with stunning surroundings and an incredible view of nearby volcanoes. One of the best plantations is the Doka Estate. This plantation is one of the largest in the country and also deals with sugar cane. While visiting here, make sure to truly dive into the history this plantation has, all the while enjoying one of their amazing cups of coffee. Costa Rica as a whole is an incredible country to visit. Gorgeous beaches, amazing panoramic views, volcanoes that break the horizon, along with world class coffee. Next time you find yourself heading to Costa Rica make sure to bring an empty mug to try some of this amazing coffee, along with an empty bag to bring some of the beans back home with you. Remember coffee isn’t just a warm drink, its history in a mug.