Best Restaurants in Costa Rica

This tropical heaven is the host of some of the most amazing species of animals on earth. Its landscape is dotted with more than 100 volcanoes and most of its forests are still virgin. Unlike the other neighbours, Costa Rica is the Latin country with some of the most peaceful pasts. The cuisine of this country reflects the relaxed atmosphere and the multiculturalism. We have selected some of the best restaurants in Costa Rica in order to make your trip truly authentic.

Restaurante Buffalo is locates in San Jose. This place offers a true Costa Rican experience. The atmosphere inside is quite dark but you will be surprised by the inexpensive dishes and drinks. While there you should try the Casado dish made from rice, plantains, beans, salad, a tortilla and your choice of meat. This meat will always come with a refresca made in the restaurant. Prepare your taste buds for a genuine culinary experience.

La Soda Colombiana is located in San Pedro. A Soda is a family-style restaurant that offers local dishes at very small prices. The range of dishes is quite large, and you can choose from a multitude of entrees and drinks.

Marlin Restaurant is located in Quepos. Its proximity to the beach makes this restaurant perfect for every meal and it also guarantees the freshness of the fish meals. While the prices are a little bit higher than in other places this restaurant offers some unique fish, dishes accompanied by traditional side dishes. Come with your stomach empty in order to endure the sizes in this restaurant.

Tica Burguesas is located in San Pedro. This place is opened 24 hours and once you get there you will understand why. Besides the large French fries that made this place a superstar among the locals, the restaurant offers inexpensive combos and traditional dipping sauces. This place is the perfect location for every burger lover that wants to experience different recipes.

Monster Pizza is also located in San Pedro. We strongly advise you to buy only one slice of pizza if you are eating alone. The name of this restaurant says a lot about the sizes of their pizzas. One slice should be more than enough for one person. You can customize the topping on the pizza and you can choose from a variety of drinks. You can order a full-size pizza too, but we advise you to bring some friends to help you finish it.

Laszlo’s is located in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. The owner of the restaurant is original from Transylvania and he was a champion fisherman. We can deduct very easily that this restaurant is serving some of the freshest fish in Latin America. Located near the beach, this restaurant offers a good view and a very eclectic menu. The dishes have both Latin and European inspiration and they will make every food enthusiast happy.

Costa Rica offers a very wide range of dishes and thanks to its multiculturalism, new food trends emerge from this tropical paradise.

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