All about Costa Rica in Blog!



Costa Rica is a great country with a lot of tourist attractions and lots of activities to engage in as a visitor. As a…

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The wildlife of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its neotropical climate, beautiful scenery, exotic plants as well as various amazing air, land and sea creatures. Because of…

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Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Tucked between the coastlines of the Pacific and Caribbean Seas, the beaches in Costa Rica are beautiful, diverse and extraordinary. Costa Rica’s best beaches…

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Best Restaurants in Costa Rica

This tropical heaven is the host of some of the most amazing species of animals on earth. Its landscape is dotted with more than…

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All About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Latin America that got the name “Latin Switzerland” thanks to its peaceful history and gorgeous countryside. The…

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Where to Stay in Costa Rica

If you’re an adventure junky, beach bum, nature enthusiast, or the backpacker wanting to experience new countries, look no further than Costa Rica. This…

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Coffee Plantations to Visit in Costa Rica

A wise unknown person once said, “Humanity runs on coffee.” If there is a truer statement about this liquid the world over loves, I’d…

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What to See and Do in Costa Rica

If Costa Rica had a national motto, anyone who has visited would tell you it’s “Pura Vida”. Pura Vida means pure life, and that’s…

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